The Aimless Never Miss is a project organized around the songwriting of Jon H. Latimer. The name was originally conceived for a recording project Latimer started just after finishing college. The self-produced demo, The Aimless Never Miss, and Other Wastes of Tape (2004) attracted the interest of several close friends, and a band formed shortly thereafter, and they began gigging around Sonoma County as The Aimless Never Miss. Within a year or two, the band relocated to San Francisco and Oakland, and subsequently released the two EPs (Oh, If They Could Fly and The Bright Side), both released by Tricycle Records. Then in 2008, they released their first full-length, self-titled album on Devil In The Woods Records. The following year the band went through a significant change in lineup, regrouping as a three piece with Latimer and longtime bassist Andrew Macy picking up veteran percussionist Eric Kuhn of the Bay Area band Silian Rail. The Tran EP (2009), released on 500 Records, is a collection of songs from this time. Since then, Latimer has continued to write and record songs with Macy and virtually all the other Aimless alumni, but often drawing upon other Bay Area musicians, and operating primarily as a recording project punctuated by occasional but relatively rare live performances. The High Dive To Lo-Fi Volumes document these ongoing collaborations. For more info on the band, expanded history and bios, check out the band page. If you'd like to contact the band or signup up on their mailing list, email us at

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