Jonny is a recovering philosophy grad with an interest in live sound and most other things audio-related. A self-taught musician, he learned to play music while growing up as a latch-key kid in a fairly rural setting in Emerald Hills, California, where shredding along with his favorite 80s and 90s jams as a teen was all he could do to keep from becoming a feral animal. This behavior naturally progressed into playing in bands, and eventually, after much encouragement, writing and singing his own original songs. After finishing college in 2001, Jonny decided to pursue music making as a full-time hobby. He formed The Aimless Never Miss in 2004, and has maintained the name throughout multiple lineups and incarnations. Other bands that Jonny has participated in include: Pale Blue Dot, Tall Grass, Ted the Block, The Translators, The Rum Diary, Shuteye Unison, Built for the Sea, and many others. He enjoys reading, camping, extreming picnicking, and riding bikes. He lives in Oakland, California.

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Andrew Macy is just a gem of a human being, and for some reason unknown, we always refer to him by his last name. I honestly don’t even know how to write such a short description of his many positive attributes, because even on his worst day, Macy still possess a subtle charm that is as comforting as it is contagious. So many times I’ve seen him light up a room without announcing himself or making a big entrance. He is to date the only member of the band to have his name explicitly mentioned in an Aimless song (Suburban Seas), which is completely circumstantial, and has literally nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that he once gave me a fairly enticing lap dance while doing about 75mph down a rural highway in west Texas.
Andrew Macy is also the longest running member of the band (save myself) contributing his unique style of bass playing on virtually *every song in the bands extended discography* (there are a few exceptions), and has bravely endured the many transitions the band has gone through with grace and elegance, and, at times, a modest amount of reluctance.
Macy started his now extensive musical career playing electric guitar in a Ska band called the Sneaky Creekans, and was extremely fond of heavy metal growing up, but now has quite a wide open mind when it comes to listening to, and making music. He is a big fan of books, whiskey, the VHS movie format, and gives an extremely tender and sincere hug if you are fortunate enough to receive one. He currently plays bass in the rippin’ Oakland rock band B. Hamilton, and composes beautifully moving original songs under the name Tall Grass, in collaboration with Aimless’ own Rosie Steffy. He lives in Oakland, California.



Rosie is a thoughtful, hilarious, and unbelievably charming self-taught singer, piano player, percussionist, fiddler, and composer, and enjoys collaborating with so many musicians that any record of her musical career will almost certainly be outdated before it’s published. As a child, she explored the arts through musical theater and choir, but humbly blames her utter devotion to music on the early influence of her peers in Aimless, who (in a very round-about way) seem to have forever changed the course of her life, inspiring her to write songs of her own. Her own band La Dee Da is “a piano-based blend of pop and chamber-folk rife with theatrical whimsy” (her words!).
Rosie started out with a fantastic voice and natural ability, but later honed her harmony and keyboard skills while playing with Aimless, and later lent harmonies to the tunes of Roberto Miguel and Will Sprott. In 2009 she joined forces with Oakland musician Josef Lucas to create WORDSKY, a lively and bizarre rock-n-rollish album featuring twenty local musicians. In 2011 Rosie met guitarist and songwriter Colleen Johnson and together they formed Upside Drown, “a cosmic union of guitar, drums and strong, sweet voices” captured for posterity on their little known but well-loved album Mood Music. Rosie’s most commercially successful band thus far is Whiskey & Women, an Americana group featuring accordion, fiddle, percussion and three part harmonies; this lively trio has been touring in France and Germany each summer since 2011.
Rosie has been jamming with long-time Aimless friend and collaborator Andrew K. Macy for over ten years. Their band Tall Grass is an expressive indie-folk duo that hovers in the mists between silliness and sadness. Her newest band Penny Opry resurrects sea shanties and other tales of adventure in collaboration with Joan Wilson-Reuter (also of Whiskey and Women). When she’s not rocking out at home or on tour she can be found riding her bike, petting cats, teaching songwriting to kids and making beautiful hand drawn posters for her friend’s shows. She lives in beautiful Oakland, California.



Winston is without a doubt the most prolific and intriguing songwriter I have ever met. He is an absolute treasure-trove of original melodic material and fresh rhythmic perspectives, and a super nice and extremely easy going dude on top of all of that. When I first met Winston he already had what seemed like an impossible amount of original material, all self-produced, all of it impossibly good, playing virtually every instrument (and some noteworthy non-instruments) himself…this more or less set the bar for the rest of us aspiring songwriters from that point forward. If we, the other musicians and wanna-bees in our tight-knit community, wanted to be song writers (and we did), we would have to seriously step-up our game to meet this kind of standard. In this way Winston’s Rent albums set the stage for virtually every project that came after – all of it started with the Rent albums. When I listen to them now, I am every bit as inspired to push myself as a creative force as I was then, and there is no other songwriter I can think of that has influenced me more. The fact that this guy was the man behind the drums throughout most of Aimless’ official discography is as flattering to me as it is strange, as he is such a powerful creative force by himself. He is an accomplished recording engineer, now working at Santo Recording Studio, in the city of Oakland (where he also lives), and current musical projects include Saything, Ted the Block, and Of.



Ross “Gif-Gif” Giffen was aimless 1st and only 2nd guitarist, and if that sounds funny, it’s supposed to. Ross is an absolute character who unfortunately left the band way too soon (like literally, it was 2 weeks before our first tour! – we’ll never let him hear the end of it!). His lead guitar work on tracks like The Point of Playing and The Bright Side helped define the bands tone, while his synth and piano licks on tracks like Oh, if They Could Fly and My Devine Opinion showcase his incredible talents as a multi-instrumentalist. Ross has fronted bands including R.H. Lasky, Good City Lie Still, and The Fighting Weight. He lives in Santa Rosa with his beautiful, talented wife and their adorable dog.



Eric Kuhn is perhaps one of the most talented, well-grounded individuals I have ever encountered. His cool-headed temperament is beyond reproach, and any instrument he touches (drums, guitar, piano, bass, assorted keys and percussion) are immediately engendered with the right melody, harmony, and/or beat to meet a song’s particular needs. With all these talents, you’d think he’d be an arrogant dick, full of himself and condescending to a fault, but in fact he is one of the most humble human beings I have ever met. Knowing that, it must be said that I have yet to encounter a musician with more natural ability, dedication, cultivated skill, and creative stamina than Eric has. He can effortlessly play drums and guitar at the same time, switch to playing drums and bass organ with one foot in the same song (on an empty stomach, at 2AM), and have all of it be impeccably well-performed, AND he will still blush when complimented afterwards, and then remember to snail-mail you an album or T-shirt the next morning if they happen to run out at a show. He is an accomplished composer and producer, and is currently based in Ypsilanti, MI. His ongoing projects include Eric and Erica and Michael Musika, in addition to composing original music for film, video, advertising and dance. Past musical groups and collaborators include Silian Rail, Built for the Sea, Sean Hayes and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down. He has been playing, recording and touring since he was too young to be allowed in the places he was playing. Here is his official, business-like website



Luke is unique amongst the crew in that you will not hear him on any Aimless track, nor will you see him in many of the photos or videos of the band. That's likely because he shot most of them, especially in the early years of the band. In addition to being aimless' unofficial photographer and tour videographer, he has also since become one of the Bay Areas most inspired light artists.
Luke developed a love of theater and performance early on in life, but didn't get into his career as a lighting artist until around 2005, when he bought his first projector. From there he quickly became one of the the go-to visual artists for local Bay Area venues and diy shows, and this all started with him doing visuals for Aimless. At what was for me a very memorable show at El Rio in 2005, the audience got to see our set showered in psychedelic projections full of color. It was a hit, and we immediately knew this was something we wanted to continue doing, and Luke’s visual performance soon became a staple of Aimless' live set.
Before all this, Luke was actually my roommate for a while when Aimless was just starting out, so his familiarity with everyone in the band made it easy for us all to get along when we brought him on tour in 2007. After that tour it was clear that Luke Judd was not just our "visuals guy", he was a full-fledge member of the band, taking shifts driving the van, booking shows, and dedicating himself to both his art, and the local scene with a passion and integrity rarely seen in his profession. Luke also has produced a bunch of videos, including our very first, Run & Hide way back in 2006. Luke is still very close with everyone who has been involved with Aimless, and currently works as the lightning director and resident light artist at The Starline Social Club, in Oakland, California.


Nate & Aaron

When Aimless went on tour to Austin for SXSW with Saything in 2009, we conveniently co-oped two multi-instrumentalist members of that band to fill out our roster: Aaron Handler and Nate Mahen. Nate was Aimless' original bassist, but his education had torn him away from us too soon, long before the band started gigging. In addition to playing a drums in Shannon and Clams, Nate plays a variety of other instruments, and is fond of entertaining guests in his home, cooking meals worthy of royalty, and honing his skills as a guitar repair and restoration technician. His solo project, Loose Dress, is an eclectic mix of folk, rock, Americana, and experimental. Mr. Handler, who plays both upright and electric bass in Saything, LaDeeDa, is also a extremely well respected multi-instrumentalist. He is by all accounts an exceptional machinist and mechanic extraordinaire. A deep love of bike camping connects these gentlemen outside of their musical collaborations, and when they aren't playing music together (or simply working to pay their bills), Aaron, Nate, Rosie and Jonny are often off bike camping in the wooded hills of the Bay Area.


Adam & Glenn

When I first met him, Adam was a very young audio engineer, fresh out of Expressions College, full of energy (and debt), and just downright horny to work with us. He had Star Wars tattoos, a great sense of humor, and loved tape delay as much as anyone could. We hit it off immediately, and a mutual man-crush has existed ever since. In addition to engineering much of our early discography, Adam is half of the electronic band James & Evander, along with Glenn Jackson. Glenn is a hilariously sarcastic chap who is a writer, music producer, and dances like you wouldn’t believe. Now, why are we even talking about these dudes, you ask? Well, it is a lesser known fact that (in addition to Adam engineering much of our early discography) both Adam and Glen at one point became full-fledged band mates in Aimless, playing drums, percussion and keys in a live set we all wrote for one short tour in 2010. That material was unfortunately never properly recorded, but a demo of some of the material from this era can be found HERE. Both gentlemen have been contributing great ideas and honest feedback to many Aimless songs since then, and beginning in 2013, Adam, Jonny and Macy formed the band Pale Blue Dot, a Carl Sagan inspired, epic space-rock-electronica trio that has snowballed into something of a secret superband. Their video is pretty amazing. We hope there are more good things to come from PBD!



Lee is the newest addition to The Aimless Never Miss, and can be heard playing drums on several tracks featured on The High Dive To Lo-Fi, Volume II. We fell hard for the Reverend Lee's soft smile, quick wit, and easy going demeanor way-back when he was pounding skins for The Burning of Rome, and was kind enough to invite us to perform at his cozy "Speakeasy Studio" in Oceanside, CA. Since then Lee has teamed up with veteran Aimless drummer Winston Goertz-Giffen, forming the 2-piece band Of. Additionally, Lee's own project, Abhorrently Yours, is a heart-pinching mix of rock and folk and everything else that's good, and can be found here. Lee currently lives in Oceanside, California.


Eric P

Eric peters is a professional recording engineer and producer with over 100 albums credits to his name, including several major label debuts. He's also quite honestly one of the nicest dudes I've ever met. While producing the bands first two EPs, Eric helped to shape the bands sound early on (whether he knows it or not), and for that reason was and will always be considered not just one of our favorite engineers, but a key member of the band. By the time we mixed our fist full length together, Eric's recordings of our songs essentially became the standard of what we wanted to sound like, both in and out of the studio. His generosity, his sense of humor, and his relationship with everyone in the band made each trip down to his Fresno studio feel like a mini vacation, and his willingness to experiment with the different tones and techniques at his disposal really helped keep every session interesting. Eric has worked in genres all across the board - from classical to death metal and pretty much everything in between, but some of his favorite artists he's worked with with include: The Sleepover Disaster, Sparklejet, Fierce Creatures, Gryp, the Fay Wrays, Comacova, and of course, The Aimless Never Miss. Eric continues to hone his craft working on diverse projects form his private studio in the foothills near Shaver Lake, CA.